Order Status: "Manual Authorisation"? - Why do I have them?

    Here’s everything you need to know about our Manual Authorisation process:

    Why does my order say 'manual authorisation'?

    If your order says ‘manual authorisation’ then it has been referred by the automated system that checks each order for further manual review by a staff member. This happens when our fraud system identifies a purchase as being suspicious.

    This rarely happens, but when it does it most often occurs on accounts which are new.
    In some cases it can also happen for older or existing accounts, particularly if the payment details have changed.

    Why does it happen?

    Manual Authorisations can happen for a number of reasons and normally occurs if:

    • You have multiple accounts with our website.
    • There are discrepancies in your payment methods.
    • You’re using a card for which CVV number confirmation isn't available.
    • You’re using a VPN, proxy or TOR network.
    • You have ordered too many times in the last few days.

    How long will it take for my order to be reviewed?

    Manual Authorisations are often completed within half an hour, but could take anywhere up to 24 hours.
    If your authorisation has taken longer than 24 hours, or if you need your keys urgently, please contact us by creating a support ticket (Click here to create a support ticket).

    How can I prevent this from happening?

    • Make sure you are not ordering too many copies of a game, if our system believes you are purchasing for resale or commercial purposes then your order will be stopped.
    • Keys purchased from our site are for home users only
    • Make sure you don't have too many user accounts from the same IP address
    • Avoid using a private VPN server, proxy server or the TOR network, also disable any plug-ins within your browser which may be offering privacy. All of these these will hide your true location and increase the possibility of a Manual Authorisation review on your order.

    What happens to an order in Manual Authorisation?

    If your order has gone into manual authorisation, you can expect one of the following outcomes:

    1. Your order will be approved: we will email you when your order has been delivered and your keys are available to be revealed in your account. You will not pay any more for your order, even if the price has since changed or the offer has expired.
    2. We require more information from you: if this happens we will contact you via email (this will be your account email address or, if appropriate, your PayPal account email address). Please reply with the requested information as soon as possible in order for us to complete the authorisation.

    3. The order will be cancelled: if the order remains suspicious, or we do not receive the information required to approve it, it will be cancelled and your money will be refunded. On a few rare occasions, an order will be cancelled without requesting additional information from you; if this happens your money will still be refunded

    What do I do if my order has been cancelled?

    If your order has been cancelled, your money will be refunded and you will not need to do anything else for this. However, if you want to place the order again, please get in touch with our support team who will be more than happy to help you sort this out.



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