Forced to fund PayPal payment with specific source (bank account/card)

    When any buyer checks out using PayPal on any site, PayPal performs a security check on the PayPal account and the payment to determine what funding sources are available for use with the transaction.

    In most cases, all defined funding sources are allowed, but sometimes PayPal may restrict the funding sources available for a payment based on a combination of factors.

    We've checked this with PayPal, and PayPal confirm everything is working as it should be in order to secure transactions - they advise that you contact PayPal directly for further information if necessary.


    • One customer has reported that having been required to use a bank account to fund their payment via PayPal, they were able to reinstate the option to fund payments using their credit card by first dissociating and then reassociating all cards with their PayPal account.
    • PayPal also suggested verifying your PayPal account and adding then (re)confirming a credit card
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