Definition of Royalty Free content & Licence usage

    All content contained within bundles offered for sale by Fanatical (unless expressly stated otherwise) is supplied as a 100% ROYALTY FREE product with an individual licence that allows the customer to use any content that they then create in commercial or private projects such as (but not limited to) online videos including YouTube, websites, music production, animations, games, film projects etc.

    You may not:

    • Claim the seller’s original content as your own.
    • Register and sell the seller’s original content in any store/platform.
    • Redistribute or sub-license the seller’s original content other than as part of your relevant project.

    For additional clarity:

    You are able to sell, give away or commercially market in any way, anything that you produce using this content as long as it is in an original project of your own creation. You are not allowed to simply repackage and/or resell the seller’s original content as it is presented.

    If you are in any doubt, please consult the individual licence as listed within each bundle for further details.

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