How do I redeem my Pro Studio Graphics, VFX Bundle or other Eldermar keys?

    To activate the Eldermar keys then please check which code you're trying to activate and click on the respective link:  

    Pro Studio Graphics: Cyberpunk Plus Bundle

    Please redeem these keys at: 

    Eldermar Pro Studio Graphics Bundle products

    Please redeem these products at

    Eldermar Mystery Products

    Please redeem your Eldermar Mystery key at


    Eldermar Low Poly & Unity Game Assets Vol II

    Please redeem your keys at 


    Eldermar Low Poly & Unity Game Assets Bundle:

    Please redeem your keys at 

    Eldermar VFX Bundle

    Please redeem your VFX Bundle keys at  

    Other Eldermar keys

    Visit to redeem your code



    The redemption process

    When redeeming your code, you will need to enter your email address.  It's important to take care, as you won't be able to change the email address later

    Enter the code we've delivered via your order and click on 'Submit'.

    You will see images and download buttons for the code you've redeemed.   Click on the product to download the associated files.

    Repeat this process for all of your keys.

    If you wish to re-download these files in the future you can revisit the above page and re-enter the details to download the files again later.


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