How do I activate my Iolo System Utilities.

    Thanks for purchasing the system utilities bundle. 

    System Mechanics,  
    Installing and activating the main program

    Your Iolo keys should all be activated within the main System Mechanics product which is downloaded from: - it's a nifty 55Mb in size.  Version 21.5.


    Once downloaded, run the installer:



    Once installed you have installed System Mechanic, enter the registration email address and serial number from your Fanatical order. 

    System Mechanic will be now be installed an activated.


    Activating your other Iolo keys, 

    To activate Drive Scrubber, Privacy Guardian, Malware Killer or System Shield start by running the main System Mechanics program.


    When System Mechanic appears choose the key icon in the top bar and the Product information screen will appear. 


    Complete the activation by copying and pasting each key, one at a time, into the 'Enter any activation key' box and clicking on the Activate Now button.


    The respective module will be registered to your main System Mechanics program.

    Repeat the process for the remaining keys in your bundle. 



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