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    Thank you for taking the time to read our guidelines on the use of the User Reviews feature on


    We are excited to be able to have this feature on our site, but there are a few rules that we must have in place to ensure that it's an environment all can use and enjoy without any feeling of offense, upset or intimidation (i.e.., no threatening behaviour or abusive language/harassment, even if it is meant in a jovial/joking way).  The following are our general guidelines/rules of use.  


    We will not accept the following: -

    • Use of  inflammatory or obscene language that could be seen as offensive and/or insulting to other users;
    • Encouragement of other users to be abusive to or about another user;
    • Being defamatory or abusive about a publisher;
    • Inclusion of information in reviews that could identify the user (for example, name, address, email, telephone number etc.).
    • Posting of links to external websites, phishing sites, or sites that contain any pornographic material;
    • The posting of  spam
      • Not relevant to the product
      • Posting links to product on other stores
      • Messages from anyone that has been hacked
      • Any form of impersonation
      • Content that infringes the intellectual property of others
      • Phishing for personal information
    • Encourage or discuss the use of piracy in any form;
    • Promotes any illegal or unlawful activity;
    • Contains any restricted or password protected materials;
    • Includes any references as to how to cheat in the game in question, including game exploits and hacking;
    • Reviews that include spoilers;
    • Includes any copyrighted material in a review that infringes intellectual property rights;
    • The use of swearing/abusive language.  Whilst we appreciate that  some games can contain swear words throughout, we do not condone the use of such language in our review sections;
    • Any reviews that include any political or religious content that could prove to be incendiary; Furthermore, any reviews that encourage political campaigning, commercial solicitation, chain letters or any form of spam (as detailed above) will be removed;
    • Any references to the use of drugs or alcohol will mean the review will be removed;
    • Any form of discrimination will not be tolerated;
    • Any review that solicits, invites, encourages, advocates, incites or provokes any and all of the above mentioned;
    • The violation of any UK laws and guidelines.


    If a user sees a post that they believe breaches the above, then they should hit the report button on the review so that our moderators can evaluate it.  Alternatively, you can send us the link to the review that you think requires investigation (including your country of origin) to or via our Customer Support area. reserves the right to delete or edit any review at any time if it is believed to be discriminatory, abusive or inappropriate in any way.


    These guidelines are subject to change at any time and all reviews will adhere to the updated / amended guidelines.


    These guidelines apply to all customers that post a user review of any product on the Fanatical web site. This includes, but is in no way  limited to, product reviews, screenshots, artwork, videos and comments.


    We would ask that when providing feedback about a product featured on Fanatical, whether it is positive or negative, that it is informative, constructive, has relevance to the product in question and above all, is polite.  


    It is imperative that all users take care not to disclose any personal information on a review that is posted. 


    Any user that continues to break our rules will be banned from being able to post a review.


    The views that are expressed in any and all user reviews are the views of the author of that review and not those of unless specifically noted by us.  We are not responsible for and disclaim all liability in respect of any comments, views, opinions or remarks expressed.    


    As a user of this feature, you acknowledge and agree that, if deemed necessary, we will contact  you via the email address provided on your account.   All emails and communications sent by and attachments thereto are intended for the addressee only.

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