Overfall key revoked from your order


    Update 6th April, 17:04

    All keys have now been replaced and our system has sent an email to the original purchaser of the keys.  Thanks for your understanding on this issue.   We love what we do at Fanatical and work hard to keep our customers happy.   


    We have closed all support tickets raised in connection with this issue.



    Update 6th April, 11:51

    We having been working with our licensors over the weekend and now have replacement keys from the developers of the game. 

    Our site team are in the process of providing a replacement key to your customer account at fanatical.com.   Once your key has been replaced our system will email you to let you know this has been done.

    Fanatical.com is an authorized site and only sell legitimate keys.  To be clear, what has happened is that our keys were accidentally cancelled as part of clean-up operation. 



    Update: 2nd April 2021, 19:48

    Dear Valued Customer, following the issue with the revoked Overfall Steam Keys yesterday, we have worked tirelessly to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

    We once again confirm that Fanatical was never one of the retailers that the developer claimed had sold keys fraudulently and as a result of this we have received new keys that we are in the process of sending you over the next couple of days.

    As we confirmed yesterday, at Fanatical we continue to pride ourselves in only supplying our customers with fully licensed products and at no point have we deviated from this. We continue to act with integrity, with publishers and developers, to provide you with great deals on Steam games.

    Thank you for your patience with this matter and thank you for continuing to be a customer of Fanatical.


    Original Post:

    We are aware of an issue with Steam keys for Overfall, which we sold as far back as 2018.

    We are in contact with the original publisher and developer to rectify the issue as quickly as possible, and will provide more details therein. We strongly refute any unfounded allegations around trust and can assure you that Fanatical continues to act with integrity, ensuring that all of our products are officially licensed.

    We will keep this page updated with the latest official information regarding the issue so please check back soon. 

    Customer Service Team,

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