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    Why use the wishlist?

    If you see a game or bundle on that you like but don't want to buy immediately - add it to your wishlist by clicking the "❤" icon which you'll see while viewing search results or product pages at

    For example:




    We can then email you when a game on your wishlist is discounted.

    You can see your wishlist, to quickly go back to offers you were interested in, by visiting or clicking the large "❤" icon at the top of any webpage:


    Import your Steam wishlist

    Use the " Assistant" browser extension to easily import your Steam account's wishlist into your wishlist.

    Sharing your wishlist

    Once you've added games to your wishlist, share it with your friends and ask them to share their wishlists with you - you might each spot a game on a friend's wishlist that also interests you and maybe your friends will gift you something from your wishlist.

    Just view your wishlist and click the "Share" button:


    Then enter your name and click the "Update" button, so your friends know who's list they are looking at, and select the "Shared" option:


    The form will expand to show several icons for services to which you can share directly from the form as well as a link that you can copy and share by any other means you wish:


    When you share your wishlist with your friends, they will see your wishlist alongside their own and have the option to gift the contents directly to you.

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