Download and Activate Stardock Software


    Use the appropriate link below to download the Windows installer to your compatible Windows PC: 

    Product Installer Download
    Fences 3 Windows Installer
    Groupy Windows Installer
    Start10 Windows Installer
    DeskScapes 10 Windows Installer
    CursorFX 4 Windows Installer
    ObjectDock Windows Installer
    WindowBlinds 10 Windows Installer
    Iconpackager 10 Windows Installer
    Multiplicity 3 KM Windows Installer



    After downloading the appropriate installer using the links above, start the installer and progress through the installation.

    When you first start the software you will be prompted to activate the software using the key delivered via your order and your email address.

    The following screen shows the online process using the Fences 3 application, but the process is the same for all the Stardock software applications:

    1. Click the "Enter Product Key" button:
    2. Enter your product key as delivered via your order and your email address into the form shown below and then click the "Activate" button:
      Note:  You can use the "Copy" button next to the key on your order page to copy the key to your clipboard so you can then paste it into the "Product Key" field on the form shown below and avoid typing mistakes.
    3. The software will connect to Stardock's Internet server to check your product key and if all is OK the software's activation will be confirmed as shown below:


    If the Windows PC you have installed the Stardock application onto is not connected to the Internet you can activate the application through another PC or device which is connected to the Internet using the process explained below.

    1. If the Stardock application can't establish a connection through the Internet to the Stardock server you will see a form similar to the one below - click the "Offline Activation" button to proceed:
    2. The Stardock application will then explain that to activate the software you need to save a .REG file to disk which you can then upload to the Stardock server from another device that is connected to the Internet - this is most easily done using a removable (e.g. USB) drive.
      Click the "Save Activation Request" button to continue and select the location to save the .REG file to:
    3. After you save the .reg file to disk, the Stardock application will show the following form - leave it on screen while you take the saved .REG file to another Internet connected device to continue the activation process.
    4. On the Internet connected computer to which you transfer the .REG file, browse to then follow the instructions to upload (submit) the .REG file and receive (download) an equivalent .RESP file.
    5. Transfer the received .RESP file back to the original PC where you installed the Stardock application and click the "Select Activation Response" button to complete the process by selecting the .RESP file.

    Retrieve list of Stardock activation keys

    You can review your Stardock keys via your order, but you can also request an emailed list of Stardock keys associated with your email address (and links through which to download the associated installers) via

    Multiple computers

    Each of your Stardock applications can be activated onto a maximum of 3 PCs at any one time - to activate an application on a new (4th) PC you must first deactivate it on one of the existing 3 PCs.

    Stardock Application Support

    If you have questions about the operation of the Stardock software, please refer to and review the following Stardock web sites:

    And you can contact Stardock support directly if necessary via


    To deactivate a Stardock installation, so that you can then use it elsewhere, log into a Stardock account using the email address you entered when you activated the Stardock application.

    Registering a Stardock "Login" account

    Activation doesn't require you to create a login account, so the first time you want to deactivate an installation you will probably need to register a Stardock login account first - to do so:

    1. Visit
    2. Enter the email address you used to activate your Stardock application and click the "Continue" button:
    3. Enter a username and, if you wish, your first and last names then click the "Continue" button:
    4. Enter and re-enter a password , then click the "Continue" button:
    5. Stardock will send an email to you - click the link within that email to confirm your new Stardock account.

    Signing into your Stardock account to view and edit Stardock application activations

    1. Visit
    2. Enter your Stardock account's email address/username and password then click the "Submit" button:
    3. Visit where you will see a list of the Stardock applications associated d with your account:
    4. Click the "Download" button to download the associated Stardock application installer.
    5. Click the "View Product Keys" link to see the keys you've used to activate the Stardock application:
      Click the "Manage" link to view the active activations and use the appropriate "Deactivate" link to click to revoke an activation.

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