Linking to EPIC account and keylessly activating game content

    Some EPIC games and game content is delivered keylessly directly into your EPIC game account.

    To do this, you need to link your account to your EPIC account.

    You can link your account via the the "LINK YOUR EPIC GAMES ACCOUNT" button on prior to keylessly activating game content from your order page, but you will be prompted to link your EPIC account automatically as you start to try to activating game content keylessly if you haven't already done so.

    Linking your account to your EPIC account

    Start the process either by clicking the "LINK YOUR EPIC GAMES ACCOUNT" button on or by clicking to keylessly activate the game content into your EPIC account from your order:

    1. When prompted, sign into your EPIC account as you normally do:
    2. If required, complete any CAPTCHA process shown by the EPIC login process:
    3. Confirm your EPIC account name is shown correctly and allow permission to access your EPIC Game Account:


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