uTalk Coupon Redemption Instructions


    You will have received a code via your fanatical.com order which will allow you to add 1 or more languages to your uTalk account. You can then access those those languages via any of the devices supported by uTalk.

    Redeeming your uTalk code

    To redeem your uTalk code and access the languages you should:

    1. Browse to utalk.com/start and enter the code you received through your order, the email you want to use or already use for your uTalk account then click the "Get Started" button.
      • The email address you use for your uTalk account doesn't have to be the same as the email address you use for your fanatical.com account, but it must exist and be able to receive emails.
    2. Select the language(s) you want to learn and (if your uTalk account didn't already exist) enter your name then set a password to protect your uTalk account.
      When you're ready, click the "Confirm Details" button.
      • In the example above a code to learn one language was used, so only one language can be selected.  If you've purchased a code that allows you to learn more than one language you will see multiple language selectors.
      • You don't have to select all the languages immediately, just select the one(s) you want to start learning now.

        ( The uTalk Language Learning Essentials product only allows you to select 1 language, the code will then be used and you will be unable to change this language ) 

        To add more languages later:
        • Browse back to utalk.com/start
        • Re-enter the code you received through your order and the email you assigned the code to when you selected your first language(s) - you can't use one code to add languages to more than one uTalk account
        • Click "Get Started"
        • Select the other language(s) you want to add
        • Click "Confirm details"
    3. If you're creating a new uTalk account, you'll now receive an email that includes a button you must click to confirm your uTalk account - check your Inbox and click the button within the "Activate your uTalk account" email.
    4. uTalk will detect the type of device you're using and provide options to download the uTalk app for your current device or another type of device:


    • You can access your uTalk account and the languages associated with from many different devices - your progress will be stored in the cloud, so progress made on one device will be reflected on all other devices when you next log in.
    • To revisit the page through which you can download the uTalk app for any supported device, browse to https://utalk.com/app/ 

    If you have questions about your uTalk account or how to use the uTalk app, please contact uTalk directly via their support site: https://utalk.com/support.

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