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    How to activate my purchase with Magix and get the download email

    Thanks for purchasing a MAGIX bundle from

    The key that you've bought from us should be used on the redeem section of the Magix website to unlock your products.  Download links and activation keys will then be emailed to you directly from Magix. 

    1. From your 'orders & keys' section open your order for your Magix titles.
    2. Reveal the key then either write down the key onto paper, print the page, or click on the 'Copy' button next to the key.
    3. To activate this key and receive the product download links and serial number you will need to go to and login to the MAGIX Service Center.
      If you don’t have a MAGIX account, just click on "I don’t have a login and want to sign in". A form will appear, please enter the appropriate information.
    4. Once logged in, type your voucher code which you printed or copied earlier.   If you clicked on the copy button while viewing your order then you can right click in the Voucher Code box and choose 'Paste'  in the field marked  "Voucher code", then click on "Proceed"
    5. An email containing the download link for the installer and your serial number will be sent to the email address associated with your MAGIX account.  Check your inbox (spam or junk folder as well) for an incoming email from

    How to download my game and get my keys INSTALLATION

    1. From the Magix email, double-click on the link to the .EXE for each 'download'.
    2. Once downloaded Choose the option to 'Run' the download and the the installation will start.
      For example Music Studio will show:

      ..and Vegas Movie Studio will show:
    3. Once installation is complete, click on 'Finish'


    1. After installation you will need to activate the software using the serial number you received in your email from
      The serial number is required when you start the program for the first time, usually this is at the end of the installation procedure. Enter the number in the activation window under "Serial number" and press "Activate & register immediately online".

    Where can I redeem my Acid8 vouchers?

    If you have vouchers for this game then they can be redeemed at:[]=acid

    Magix Customer Support

    We provide unlimited free customer support to all our registered users through the MAGIX or VEGAS online community.  Our online platform community offers you access to an intelligent help wizard, high-quality FAQs, patches & the help of users and moderators.

    MAGIX support community:


    then you'll see:



    If you wish to get in touch with MAGIX technical support please visit the following websites and click on 'SUPPORT':




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