How do I activate my 'Origin' EA game key?


    Important Notes

    • You CANNOT gift Origin keylessly activated content from one Origin account to another - the content will be added to the Origin account you log into during the activation process and will remain in that account.
    • You CANNOT keylessly add game content into a child's Origin account and if you keylessly activate game content into an adult's Origin account you CANNOT then transfer that game content to a child's Origin account.
    • If the Origin account you log into already owns the content the new content will be lost.

    Activate the game from into your Origin account

    An Origin account is required in order to redeem and play the EA game you purchased at - if you don't already have an Origin account you can create one during the activation process explained below:

    1. Sign into your account.
    2. View your order from the list shown at
    3. Click to "Activate on Origin" next to the game you want to add.
    4. If you're not already logged into an Origin account you must log in now.
      If you don't already have an Origin account, click the "Sign up now for free" link and complete the form that then appears to create your new Origin account.
      After logging into or creating your Origin account, click the "Proceed to Activation" button.
      If the login process fails, please try in another web browser (e.g. Edge, Opera, Firefox).
    5. Check the Origin account named is the one that you want to add the game to - you cannot change the account after you have added the game.
      If the wrong Origin account is shown, click the "Change Account" button to link to another Origin account.
      When the correct Origin account is shown, click the "Activate now" button.
      If the activation is unsuccessful this may be because your Origin account is associated with a country other than the country from which you connected to when you placed your order - check and change your Origin account's associated country using the process described below in the "Origin and region setting" section.
    6. The game is added to the selected Origin account, click the "Close" button to continue.

    Origin and region setting may deliver a region key for certain products based on the country you have made your purchase from.

    Please make sure that your region is correctly configured to the appropriate region.

    If you need to change your Origin or region setting, you can do so in the "Regional Settings" section at or by following the process explained below:

    1. Start the Origin client and log into your Origin account
    2. Either select the "Origin, EA Account and Billing..." menu:
      or the "EA Account and Billing..." displayed when you click your username in the lower left corner:
    3. Click the "Edit" link in the "Regional Settings" section of the "My Account: About Me" page:

    Download and install the Origin Client and the Game

    Downloading the Origin Client

    Games are download via the Origin Client, which you can download while logged into your Origin account from here or by following the process explained below:

    1. Go to
    2. Click the "Download" link in the lower left corner.
    3. Click the appropriate button to download the Origin Client installer for your Windows or Mac PC then use it to install the Origin client onto your Windows or Mac PC.

    Downloading and installing a game

    Games are downloaded, installed and launched through the Origin client application:

    1. Launch the Origin client.
    2. Log in to your EA Origin Account.
    3. Select the "MY Game Library" heading in the left-hand sidebar.
    4. Find the game in the list shown on the right.
    5. To download and install a game, either:
      • Click the downward pointing grey arrow in the bottom left corner of the game tile.
      • Right click the game's tile and select "Download" from the menu that then appear.
      • Click the game's tile and then the "Download" button.
    6. Follow the instructions for your game to install and start playing.

    EA and Origin client Support

    EA provide further information and support articles through the following websites:


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