Downloading and Viewing your ebooks or comics


    General Information

    Your ebook or comic purchases are listed in your order history page - select an order to see the item and the file formats available - they could in an any combination of CBZ, EPUB, PDF or MOBI, for example:


    Sometimes your ebooks or comics have 'editions'.  Click/Tap a file format to see any available editions, then click/tap an edition to download that edition in the selected format:


    • We recommend you use the ePub format (when supported by your device/app) as they are typically smaller and therefore download faster. They are specifically formatted for eBook readers.
    • Some readers prefer the CBZ format (compressed set of JPG images)
    • For the best possible reading experience, use an HD eReader device with full color display.


    iPad and iPhone

    ePub Format

    Download your ebook/comic as an ePub file to your iPad/iPhone by tapping the "EPUB" button on your order details page, then choose to open in the item in the "Books" app.

    Once the download has completed and has been added to Apple Books, you can open it in the "Books" app to continue when ever you want to read it.  No additional download is required.

    If you've not got the Apple "Books" app installed you can download it for free from the Apple App Store.

    CBZ Format

    There are many apps to view CBZ files, amongst the most popular are:

    Install the app on your iPad/iPhone and then select the app from the list when you tap to download your ebook/comic within the account area. 

    ZIP files of multiple ebooks/comics

    If you select the "All" button the ebooks/comics are downloaded in all available formats within a .ZIP.

    If you download directly to your iPad/iPhone you will need to use a ZIP file app to extract the separate the items from the .ZIP and then open the extracted files in the appropriate reader app.   We don't recommend downloading the zip file if you are using an iPad/iPhone.

    From PC or Mac to iPad/iPhone

    1. Click the file on your PC or MAC and save it in your usual 'Downloads' folder.
      (If you download to your PC, extract the files from the .ZIP (if appropriate)).

      ..then connect your iPad/iPhone to your PC and within iTunes:

    2. Select the iPad/iPhone on the iTunes toolbar
    3. Select "File Sharing" in the left column
    4. Select the Comic reader app
    5. Drag the ebook/comic files from Apple Finder or Windows File Explorer to the app in iTunes.
    6. When all  files have been dragged to the app, click the "Done" button in iTunes to download them to the app on your iPad/iPhone.


    Android ePub Format

    Download the ebook/comic as an ePub file to your Android device by taping the "EPUB" button on our order details page - if prompted to select an app to use to view the file select "Google Play Books" to add the ebook/comic to your Google Play Books library.

    Once the file has been downloaded and added to Google Play Books, you can reopen it in the "Google Play Books" app to continue reading where you left off.

    Google Play Books app can't process all ePub files.  If you experience problems you could enable the "PDF Uploading" option in the Google Play Books Settings then download and open the PDF version of the eBook instead of the ePub format eBook.  Alternatively, try another eBook reader such as ReadEra.

    If you download the ebook/comic as a PDF there are many PDF reader applications available in the Google Play store, including the Adobe Reader app.

    Android CBZ Format

    Download the ebook/comic as an CBZ file to your Android device by taping the "CBZ" button on our order details page - if prompted to select an app to use to view the file you can select "Upload to Google Play Books" to add the ebook/comic to your Google Play Books library.

    Alternative CBZ reader apps are available through google Play, including:

    Android from PC

    If you've already downloaded the ebook/comic to a PC, connect your Android device to your PC and use the File Manager to transfer the file as ePub, CBZ or PDF file to the "Downloads" folder on the Android device then open the file from there in your chosen app.

    Desktop or Laptop PC

    You can view ePub files downloaded through your web browser on a Windows PC in many apps, including:

    For CBZ files, consider:

    For PDFs you can use many programs, including: Adobe ReaderComicRack for Windows and most modern web browsers.

    Apple Mac

    Download the ebook/comic as ePub (recommended) or PDF through your web browser.

    Depending on the web browser you're using, you will see options to open the file after download or you can use Finder to view the content of your "Downloads" folder.

    You can view ePub files on a Mac in many apps, including Apple iBooks (which is pre-installed on later versions of macOS).  Another option is Adobe Digital Editions (ADE).

    Many CBZ readers are available for Mac as well, including:

    Similarly, there are many viewers for PDFs - including Adobe Reader for Mac.

    Nook HD

    Download the ebooks/comics to your PC in ePub format (see above) and then transfer them to your Nook via a USB connection.

    Kindle Fire HD or HDX

    Download the ebook/comics to your PC in PDF format and then transfer them into the "Documents" folder on your device as described in the following article:


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