Affiliate Partner FAQ

    Do you have an affiliate program?

    Yes, we offer two different programs, depending on your promotional methods. Please read more information about these options on our site

    In summary, we offer a traditional affiliate program for websites, blogs, price comparison or news/reviews sites through a large, global affiliate network called CJ.

    We also offer an alternative program exclusively for YouTube, Twitch, Discord or Mixer channel owners. This is managed using a different third party provider called Tapfiliate.

    Apply to join our CJ affiliate program:
    Apply to join our video/streamer program:

    If you wish to discuss further, please contact the team on

    I’ve received an email about joining your affiliate program, is it genuine?

    Yes, that means we would love to join forces with you and your channel! We have colleagues dedicated to growing our team of partners who will research potential partners and then approach you, inviting you to join our affiliate program. Please get in touch if you have any doubts - (all contact you receive should come from someone in our team with an email address).

    I am an affiliate partner. Can I change my referral link?

    Yes. The system randomizes your referral link by default.

    To amend, please login at and visit Assets > Advanced > Permanently change your referral code.

    I am an affiliate partner, is there Fanatical media assets pack?

    You can access banners through the platform interface;

    Channel owner program:
    CJ affiliate program:

    You can also access logos and brand guidelines if required. Please note these assets do not embed your affiliate tracking, but can be used to build your in stream overlays etc.

    Apply to join our standard affiliate program:
    Apply to join our video/streamer program:

    If I become an affiliate partner, am I tied in to Fanatical exclusively?

    No, not at all. We understand that as a channel owner you may want to work with several brands to bring your audience a wide variety of games and great deals, therefore we don’t force any exclusivity and hope that promoting Fanatical can compliment any other activity you do.

    Are there minimum follower/subscriber requirements?

    Currently we welcome channels of all sizes on to our partnership program, provided there is a good fit between your content and our store offering.

    As an affiliate partner, what is required or expected of me?

    There are no minimum activity requirements or expectations and you keep full creative control of your channel, as you know your audience the best and what they will enjoy most.

    You will earn more the more you promote us, but it is up to you how you choose to present Fanatical to your audience and how frequently.

    You’ll have access to various links and banners via the platform once you’ve signed up and been approved on to the program, that you can integrate to your channel and social media as you see fit.

    As a member of the affiliate program, you will receive partner communications detailing our upcoming promotions. You are expected to adhere to the embargo and failure to do results in removal from the partnership program. This information is shared in advance to support and enhance your activity, but promotional details must not be shared until the deals actually go live to avoid unnecessary confusion or poor user experience for your audience. You can unsubscribe from these messages at any time, although you will miss important partnership updates if you do.

    Please give us a shout if you need any support or guidance with your promotional activity -

    As a channel owner/content creator, how can I promote Fanatical to my audience?

    Your audience can support your channel by purchasing games through your referral link, so you earn commissions. There are lots of ways you can recommend Fanatical and our amazing deals to your audience, including;

    • Add your referral link to your video description or profile page.
    • Create a dedicated video showcasing a particular Fanatical deal, bundle or sales promotion
    • Share your referral link across your social channels
    • Include the Fanatical logo to your channel header on YouTube
    • Upload your Official Partner badge to your twitch profile
    • Add a brief advert/mention into your usual video/stream
    • Use software like Streamlabs, StreamElements etc to sporadically insert your referral link during in-stream chats on Twitch/Mixer

    We’re sure you have plenty of your own ideas too and we’d love to hear them so please get in touch -

    Do affiliate partners get free game keys?

    We do provide some free Steam keys to support your activity for our biggest promotional campaigns or in some cases when we receive promotional allocations from the developer/publisher. We contact partners and distribute based on interest rather than assigning keys unnecessarily (i.e. if you already have the game, or are not interested in that genre/franchise).

    Why has my sale tracked at a lower value than the product price displayed on

    Affiliate sales are tracked and reported in GBP currency and excluding VAT. If the user who purchased through your link is based in another country and paid in a different currency, this could also lead to a difference in the sale value tracked; this is due to regional pricing variations and currency conversion.

    Missing Sales

    Someone purchased a game through my link, why doesn’t the sale doesn’t appear in my dashboard?

    Affiliate tracking is cookie based. Therefore, your audience/viewers should disable any ad blockers/cookie blocking before clicking and purchasing through your link to ensure their sale can be traced back to originating from your channel/site.

    When sales track they need to be reviewed and approved by the Fanatical team before you can see them in your dashboard. We generally conduct this process every 24 hours, but please allow longer during the weekends.

    If you are concerned about missing sales please contact the team -

    Affiliate tracking links

    The tracking link structures are different depending on whether you’re a member of our CJ program for traditional affiliate websites, or our Tapfiliate program for video/stream channels.

    CJ Link Example:{affiliateID}-13212017 (there are a few different link structure options available on the CJ network and lots of tools to help you from within your CJ affiliate area). 

    Tapfiliate Link Example:

    Please contact the team if you need help with building your links

    When will I get paid?

    For Tapfiliate - There is a minimum payment threshold of £30 GBP and all payments are generated at the beginning of every month via PayPal

    For CJ all queries related to you CJ account please reach out to the CJ support team

    I’ve joined the Fanatical Discord channel, how do I get the ‘Fanatical Affiliates’ role?

    Once you have joined the Fanatical Discord, please contact our Discord admin or Fanatical Staff member.

    Do you have a Stream Team?

    Yes, we have a stream team. However recruitment for this is currently closed, if recruitment for the team opens up again all affiliates will be informed and will have the opportunity to apply. To support the stream team follow us on Twitch


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