Disabling web notification messages


    When you visit fanatical.com using a compatible web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox) you will be asked if you want to receive notification messages from fanatical.com through your browser: 


    1. Click the Chrome "Menu" icon (usually three vertical dots, in the upper right corner of the browser's toolbar) and select "Settings"
    2. Scroll the page and click the "Advanced" heading
    3. Scroll the page and click the "Site Settings" heading:
    4. Click the "Notifications" heading:
    5. Find "fanatical.com" in the "Allow" list, then click the three dots at the end of the line and select "Remove" (or "Block") from the list:


    1. Click the "Menu" icon and select "Options":
    2. Click the "Privacy & Security" section heading on the left:
    3. Scroll the page to find the "Permissions" section and click the "Settings" button against the "Notifications "heading in this section:
    4. Find and select the fanatical.com entry then either click "Allow" and change to "Block" or click the "Remove Web Site" button. Then click the "Save Changes" button:
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