My VPN is being blocked on your site

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    If you tried to visit our site and have had your visit blocked then we might have detected that your IP address is part of an Anonymous VPN or other proxy system. 

    For access to our site we recommend you disable such services and visit using your ISP's default settings. 

    There are many reasons for us restricting the use of VPNs, they are, in part; 

    • To tighten the control of a small number of users placing many multiple orders for non-personal use. 
    • To ensure that any region restricted key that you purchase will work in your own country.

    Whilst we haven't blocked VPN's entirely, we have made steps to ensure providers that are causing issues are kept to an absolute minimum.

    If you don't think you're using a VPN or proxy, check your browser extensions as some (e.g. AdGuard) act effectively like a VPN so disabling them may resolve the issue.

    If you wish to discuss this, please open a support ticket and details your account email address. 


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