Linking Fanatical and Steam accounts

    You can now link your Steam and accounts, so long as your Steam account is "public" and not "limited".

    How to link your Steam and accounts

    1. Sign into
    2. Either:
    3. Click the "LINK STEAM ACCOUNT" in the 'Linked Accounts' section:


    4. Click the "LINK YOUR STEAM ACCOUNT" in the 'Linked Accounts' section:


    5. Login to your Steam account

    How to disconnect (unlink) your Steam and accounts

    1. Login to
    2. Either:
    3. Click the "Disconnect" link to the right of the "Steam account" heading

    Problems linking your accounts

    The connection may fail for the following reasons:

    • Set up your Steam Community profile and try again
      The Steam account that you attempted to link to does not yet have a profile, perhaps because it is very new or it may not yet have been made public - complete your Steam profile and make it public then try to connect to it from again.  Login at for assistance.
      It can sometimes take 5 minutes after making your Steam profile before we are able to see it's a public profile, so don't worry if you're still seeing this warning after the profile has been created and made public. 
    • Steam account already connected
      A Steam account can only be connected to one account.  You can disconnect a Steam account after signing into the other account using the "unlink" options shown on

    If you do contact about this, please include your Steam profile's public display name (and Steam ID, if you know it).

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