How do I activate my keyless Ubisoft purchase?


    To use your new Ubisoft game key you need to the Uplay game client installed on your PC.

    Step 1 - Add the game to your UPlay account

    1. To add the game to your Uplay account click on the 'Log in to Ubisoft' button.
    2. If you are not already logged in then you will be presented with the Ubisoft login window where you can enter your Ubisoft account username and password.
      If you don't already have a Ubisoft account then you can click on 'Create a Ubisoft account' and follow the steps that Ubisoft present.
      Note: If your attempt to login is unsuccessful ("Login Error" or "Invalid Email or Password") and you're confident the details are correct, check that your web browser isn't configured to reject third party cookies (which iPhone/iPad Safari will do by default) then try again or in another web browser.
    3. Once you've logged in you will see the word 'Activating', this means the game is being added to your Ubisoft account.

    Step 2 - Install the Uplay client onto your PC and log in to it

    1. If you don't already have a copy of the Uplay client installed, download and install it from, click on 'Download Uplay for PC' and download the uplayinstaller.exe.
    2. Once Uplay is installed, run the Uplay client and you will see the login screen:
    3. Log into UPlay
    4. You will see your game is listed in the 'Games' section of the Uplay client. 

    For more information about the Uplay client, how you can install, uninstall or verify a game, read this article.

    If, when you start the game, you're required to enter a CD-Key read his article.

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