I've received a "redeem code" - how do I use it?

    What are redeem codes?

    Occasionally we distribute codes that can be redeemed at https://www.fanatical.com/en/redeem-code to receive one or more games chosen by us.


    • You must Sign Up or Log into your fanatical.com account
    • Each code is unique and can be used once
    • These codes will not work on PS4 or XBOX

    How do redeem codes work?

    After you submit the code, the site will show the game(s) we will deliver and you click to confirm you want to receive them - when you do so the code is redeemed.

    A "zero charge" order for the game(s) will then be created and associated with the email address you're signed in with. The order is then displayed and you can click to reveal the game key(s).  You can review the order and keys again later by signing in and then selecting "Account, Order History & Keys".

    Key(s) are then used within the gaming environment (such as Steam, Uplay, RockStar Social ClubElder Scrolls Online, EPIC, GOG, Origin, Oculus Rift and others - dependent on the game) to download, install and play the game(s).

    Why do i have to create an account to use my redeem code?

    We need to store the delivered key(s) somewhere, so that you can review them later should you need to do so and so that we know what has been delivered to each person - an account is required for us to do this.

    Is there a time limit for using my redeem code?

    Yes, most redeem codes do expire.

    Usually the code's expiry date is quoted alongside the redeem code however it is delivered.

    Is this a discount coupon code?

    Redeem codes ​should not be confused with discount coupons​; you can't use them to receive a discount on your shopping cart contents through the normal checkout process.

    They are associated with specific game(s), valid for a specific period of time and can each be used only once.


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