How do I use my personal discount coupon received with Indie Legends 5 ​Bundle?


    As part of your Indie Legends 5 ​Bundle you will receive a unique coupon code by email - check your "Spam", "Junk" and "Promotions" folders if you can't find it.

    The coupon:

    • can be used ONCE and each website account is limited to ONE coupon
    • can be used, subject to limitations, only by the account holder to whom it was delivered (i.e. you must be logged into our website using the same email address as the Indie Legends 5 Bundle was delivered to when you apply the coupon code)
    • must be entered exactly as it is delivered (i.e. UPPER and lower case IS significant)
    • is valid until 08:00 on 5th December 2016 (UK time)
    • CANNOT be used in conjunction with any other coupon
    • CANNOT be used with the Indie Legends 5 ​Bundle, pre-purchases, Civilization VI, Star Deals, Dollar Mega Bundle and other selected products - it will be rejected if a product with which it isn't valid is included in your cart

    For general information about how to apply a coupon code, please refer to this article.

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