Are you having trouble redeeming your Star Ruler 2 Steam key?


    Please note: If you have already redeemed your Star Ruler 2 key successfully, your game will not be affected and it will remain in your Steam library.

    Due to an unfortunate misunderstanding between Bundle Stars (now Fanatical) and the game’s developer, Blind Mind Studios, some customers have been unable to redeem Star Ruler 2 keys from the original Killer Bundle 8. We have been working diligently with the developer for several days to resolve this communication issue and prevent any of our customers from losing out.

    If you receive a "duplicate key" message when you try to redeem your Star Ruler 2 key, then please accept our sincere apologies. Your Steam key was deactivated but you are eligible for a replacement. To request a working key for the game, please send us a message via our support form.

    Please include the following information in your message:

    • Your Killer Bundle 8 Order Number
      (the 24-digit code on your Order Confirmation email)
    • Your duplicate Star Ruler 2 Steam key
      (Your old inactive key will be deactivated and you receive a new, working Star Ruler 2 Steam key)

    If you are eligible, please allow up to two working days for your key to be delivered.

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