I have forgotten my password, help me reset it?

    To reset your password you simply need to choose 'Reset Password' from the login screen:

    1. Click "SIGN IN"
    2. Select the "SIGN IN" tab and click the "Forgot Password" link:


    3. Enter your email address, tick the "I'm not a robot" check box and click the "Reset Password" button:


    4. Check your Inbox and Spam folder for an email - if no email is received then no account exists and you can use the "REGISTER" form to create an account.


    Repeatedly entering the wrong password or otherwise failing to login successfully may result in fanatical.com applying a temporary block to allow attempts to login through your Internet connection.  If this happens fanatcial.com will tell you that logins and password resets are not possibly at present and ask that you "try later" or "leave longer" - the delay increases in line with the number of failures, it's to protect your account by stopping scripted attempts to login using lists of possible email and password combinations.


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