How do I change my account email address?


    To change your account's email address you must already have logged into your account via the "Sign in" link on

    If you can't remember your account's password, request an email through which you can reset your password by clicking the "Reset password" link on the "Sign up" form - the link will be sent to your existing email address, so you need to have access to that mailbox.

    When logged into your account, change your account's email address as follows:

    1. Click or Touch on "Account" and then choose "My Account":
    2. In the "Login Details" section, click/touch "Change Email":
    3. Enter your new email address and then click/touch the "Change Email" button:
    4. If the email address you enter is already associated with another account an error will be shown:
      If this happens, Contact us with your old and new account email address plus one order number associated with the old account so we can advise the best way forward.
    5. If no account is already associated with the new email address you entered two emails will now be sent: 
      • To your old account email address: An email confirming the email address change.
      • To your new account email address: An email including a link for you to visit to reconfirm your account.
        Note: Until you visit this emailed link you won't be able to view the keys associated with your orders. 
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