Steam reports key is invalid

    First, check that the key is redeemed through Steam - Grand Theft Auto V, Rage 2Wolfenstein: Youngblood and some Elder Scrolls Online games (for example) are redeemed through other platforms.

    Steam sometimes reports a key is invalid which it then later accepts.

    If your key is reported to be invalid, please:

    1. Logout from the Steam client.
    2. Log back into the Steam client, take care to use the correct account and preferably wait at least a few minutes before logging back in.
    3. Try activating the key again.
      Remember to include the "-" characters and enter letters in UPPER case.  Ideally, use copy and paste through the clipboard, to avoid the possibility of typing mistakes and confusing "I" with "1" and "O" with "0".
      When viewing your order, each Steam key shows a "Redeem" button - clicking this will prompt you to log into your Steam account and then activate the key without you having to copy and paste etc - its the simplest way to activate a key in Steam

    If you still have problems, please open a ticket and let us know:

    • Your order number
    • The key you're having trouble activating (please tell us exactly what you're entering)
    • The message displayed by Steam
    • That you've already tried logging out and back into Steam and then still couldn't activate the key.
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