Order Status: "Manual Authorisation"? - Why do I have them?


    Payment Requiring Review

    Sometimes our fraud system steps in and requires us to manually approve your purchase.

    This rarely happens but most often occurs on accounts which are new (though it may also happen for older accounts, particularly if payment details change), it is nothing to worry about and we are very sorry about the delay.  

    99% of our orders are delivered instantly, we are sorry you have had this problem.

    Why does it happen?

    Manual Authorisations can happen for variety of reasons and normally occur if you have multiple accounts with our website, have discrepancies in your payment methods or use a card for which CVV number confirmation isn't available; or you are using a VPN, proxy or TOR network;


    • Ensure you are not ordering too many keys outside of our normal ordering policy.  Our keys are for home users requiring keys for their family and friends.
    • Ensure you don't have more than a normal number of user accounts from a single IP address
    • Ensure you are not using a Private VPN server, proxy server or the TOR network which will all hide your true location. Disable any plug-ins within your browser which may be offering privacy. 

    What happens to my order?

    The Manual Authorisation order will result in one of the following:

    1. Your order will be delivered.  You have already paid so you will have only been charged the price at the time you placed the order - even if it has since changed or the offer has expired.
      We will email you when your order is delivered and the related key(s) are available for you to reveal.

    2. The order will be require more information from you.   As part of our manual authorization process we may contact you via email (either to your account email address or, if appropriate, your PayPal account email address) asking for more information to help us complete the authorization process - please check those mailboxes for messages and reply with the requested information ASAP to speed the process.
      This additional information will help us decide whether to complete the order or refund the order.

    3. The payment will be refunded and order cancelled without contacting you for additional information. 

    How long does it take?

    Manual Authorisations is often completed within half an hour, but could result in a 1 or 2 hour delay.   The maximum time is one (UK) working day.  

    I've waited too long?

    If you have waited for more than a few days or if you are need your keys more quickly then please contact us by creating a support ticket (Click here to create a support ticket).


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