How do I activate and access my '3D low poly game-assets' Bundle

    Thanks for purchasing this bundle.   Assets are provided by GameDevMarket 


    1. Visit the activation link

    2. Click on the orange proceed arrow and proceed to create an account, 

    3. Continue to click the orange arrow to proceed button until you see 'Click here to get started!'

    4.  Fill in the Registration form to register or click to Login if you already have an account.

    5. After registering you will be told to 'Authorise the account' by clicking on the link in your email.   Find you email and click on this link. 

    6. You will be taken to the key activation page when clicking on your email link.   If you don't see this, you are presented with a menu then choose the option 'Redeem Code'

      Reveal and then Copy the first code from your Fanatical order page, then paste it into this form, then click 'Redeem Code'

    7. The assets are made available to you  ( they can be accessed in the future by clicking 'View Redeemed Purchases' from the main menu. )

    8. Repeat the redemption for every code in your Fanatical order. 


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