How to activate World of Tanks

    If you are already an existing World of Tanks player then follow the instructions at the end of the document


    Instructions for a new Player of World of Tanks

    1.  Visit the link

    2.  Choose 'I am a new player'.

    3. Fill in the registration form which is displayed and use the code from your Fanatical order in the Invitation Code.   

      (Note, if you already have a account then simply choose 'Already have an account' and login)

      It will look like:

    4. When you successfully fill in the form you will see that the account has been successfully created.

    5. On this screen, click the button 'DOWNLOAD GAME' to download the game, once downloaded run the download to install the game.
    6.  It is recommended you also read the Newcomers Guide. 


    Instructions for an existing Player of World of Tanks

    1. Please visit the portal at

    2. Choose 'I already have an account' if you already have a account, you will be taken to the login screen:

    3. Click on 'Redeem Wargaming Code' and enter your code into the box which is displayed.

    4. The bonuses are added to your game account and you will see this within your game.

    Game support is provided by


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