Activating the Sounds and Movies Creator by Magix bundle

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    SOUND FORGE Pro 16,  
    MAGIX Movie Studio 2022

    1.  Each of the items in your bundle have an associated Zip file to download.   

    2. From your order, find the program you want to install and choose [MIXED], then choose the ZIP file for this item.  The item will be downloaded.   
      (Your browser may ask you to verify you want to download this zip) 

    3. Open the ZIP file and run the associated .EXE file from within the Zip to install the application, then run the application once installed.

    4. Once installed, you will need to activate the product.    Copy and Paste the code from your Fanatical order to activate this.

    Soundpool Trap Future Bass,
    Soundpool Modern Tech - Complete Bundle,
    Soundpool Superfluid Drum & Bass,
    Soundpool Pop STAY - Uptempo Pop,
    Soundpool EDM Future Dance Pop

    For each of the 5 products, perform the following steps:
    1. Click on 'Copy and Redeem' for the soundpool within your Fanatical order 
        (or go to and search for the product manually)

    2. Select the Product

    3. Since you have a paid commercial licence, select the option 'Commercial (Royalty Free)' and add it to your shopping cart by clicking the green shopping basket icon
      (If you haven't already then you will be prompted to 'Login' or 'Create User account')

    4. Click on “Redeem coupon” and enter your voucher code to reduce the price to zero.

    5. Click "NEXT" and the price will be reduce to Zero.  Your voucher code has been redeemed

    6. Follow all further instructions. You will not be charged any costs having used your voucher code.

    7. Download the Product in your account at
    Repeat the process for the remaining items
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