Toon World 3D Assets redemption instructions


    In your order you've received discount codes for you to retrieve the Toom World 3D Assets from

    • A Tier 1 purchase will receive 1x Tier 1 key
    • A Tier 2 purchase will receive 1x Tier 1 key and 1x Tier 2 key
    • A Tier 3 purchase will receive 1x Tier 1, 1x Tier 2 and 1x Tier 3 keys. 

    For each of your keys you will need to complete the steps below: 

    1. Visit and select 'Add to Cart' for the Tier you're trying to redeem.

    2. Ignore the price and select Checkout...

    3. Copy and paste your code into the'Discount Code' box and click 'Apply'

    4. Confirm the price is now Zero, enter your contact name and address and then click 'Continue to Payment'...
    5. Click 'Confirm Order' from the confirmation screen which appears,  the order for this Tier will complete. 

    6. Repeat the process for your other Tier keys. 

    The licence agreement for this product can be viewed at:


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