How do I activate my RuneScape code?

    Thanks for purchasing a RuneScape code from Fanatical


    New players

    1. Visit and create a new account, and create a character.

    2. Follow the account creation process and download the Jagex Installer program to your PC

    3. Run the downloaded program and install the Jagex Installer program.
    4. Run the Jagex Installer program and log into the account you created at Step #1.
    5. From within the Jagex Installer, choose to Install RuneScape.  (7Gb) 
    6. Choose to Play the game. 
    7. Visit to redeem your RuneScape code. 

    Existing Players

    1. Login to your RuneScape account. 
    2. Redeem your code via the code redemption system on
    3. Where are the rewards added? 


    Where are the rewards added?

    Rewards Details
    Siren Outfit Unlocked in the Cosmetics Interface
    Knowledge Bombs & Umbral Chests Added to your backpack or bank
    RuneCoins + Treasure Hunter Keys Added to your currency balances



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