Activating your 'AI Powered Photo Editing with Luminar Neo Bundle'


    Thanks for purchasing the bundle!


    Installation instructions:

    Each of the items in your bundle have an associated file to download - assets, a video and Luminar Neo Lite itself.


    To download the packs:

    1. From your order, find the asset you want to download, then click the "ALL" dropdown button to find the download link.


    To install the Luminar Neo Lite app [Tier 2 bundle]:

    1. From your order, find Luminar Neo Lite and click "Reveal Key", then click "Copy and Redeem" - this will initiate a download. Alternatively, click the "Extras" dropdown and choose the "[MIXED]" download - this will download a .zip containing the app.

    2. Run the downloaded LuminarNeoSetup.exe file and install the app.

    3. Open the app and create an account, and then click “If you have a license key, please enter it manually to [activate] Luminar Neo" on the splash screen.

    4. Enter your license key from the Fanatical order page to activate Luminar Neo Lite.

    PDFs with details on how to install LUTs and more into Luminar Neo can be found under an "Extras" button under the revealed key.


    We hope you enjoy your purchase!


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