Activating your 'Boost Your Gaming & More PC Bundle' key


    Thanks for purchasing the bundle


    Installation instructions:

    Each of the items in your bundle have an associated Zip file to download.  

    1. From your order, find the program you want to install and choose [MIXED], then choose the ZIP file for this item.  The item will be downloaded.   

      (Your browser may ask you to verify you want to download this zip) 
    2. Open the ZIP file and run the associated .EXE file from within the Zip to install the application, then run the application once installed.

    3. Register the application by entering your First and last name, your email and your licence-key from your Fanatical order page.

      Note: The first time you register an application you will be required to confirm your email address.   Click on the link in the email you receive.    They email is often found in Spam.   You only need to confirm this once. 
    4. Once your email is confirmed, you can click on 'Done' to complete the registration.

    Repeat the process for the other items in your order, 


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