Guardians of Ember - Fanatical Edition


    If you don't already own this game in Steam, use the key you receive from to activate the game in Steam.

    Then, within the game, use the key you receive from to add the extra content.

    For specific information, please read on....

    New Players

    You must first redeem the key on Steam to deliver the Guardians of Ember base game. Following this step, you must then use the same key in-game in order to receive the additional Fanatical Edition in-game items. 

    Existing Players

    You will not need to redeem the key on Steam. You may skip directly to activating the Fanatical Edition content in-game with the supplied key. 

    Guardians of Ember - Fanatical Edition includes

    • 1 x Guardians of Ember base game
    • 1 x Black Maned Horse (30 days duration) - Mount for 30% increased movement speed
    • 1 x Hanmu III (7 days duration) - Pet for automatically picking up loot
    • 5 x Ampulla of Experience (1 hour duration) - 50% increase experience rate
    • 5 x Plundered (1 hour duration) - 25% increased crop rate

    How To Access Fanatical Edition Content

    • Open your Steam client and start Guardians of Ember
    • Log into the game
    • Open the "marketplace" via the blue crystal icon located on top row of the screen
    • Navigate to "voucher" on the left side of the shop window
    • Insert the voucher in the top field and insert “0” in the bottom field to redeem your items
    • You can access your item bundle via the inventory by pressing “b”
    • Item Bundle will show up as "Fanatical Bundle" in the inventory


    If you experience issues with your in-game items please request assistance from the following Insel Games support links and reference your activation key received from 

    • Support Mail address:
    • Visit and click the "Support" button to open a ticket
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