Download Remote Help Utility (Chrome Remote Desktop - PC or Mac)


    Using Google Chrome web browser on either a Windows or Mac PC, when asked to provide remote access to your PC by Support Department to help diagnose and resolve issues you are experiencing please:

    1. In Google Chrome web browser, browse to
    2. If you don't already have the "Chrome Remote Desktop" Chrome browser extension installed:
      • Click the "Download" button:
      • Click the "Add to Chrome" button:
      • Click the "Add Extension" button:
    3. Click the "Generate Code" button:
    4. Close or minimize any windows or programs showing private information
    5. Email the displayed code to
      Since the code is only valid for 5 minutes it is best to arrange a remote session in advance with us,
      We will connect ASAP (Monday to Thursday 09:30 to 17:00 and Friday 09:30 to 15:00 - excluding public (England) holidays and company holidays.  
    6. When prompted, allow the support representative to access your computer.
      You can disconnect the remote support representative at any time by clicking the "Stop Sharing" button:


    You can either stay on the phone with us whilst we work on your machine or you can hang up and sit back and watch us.

    When we have finished we will disconnect from your computer and the above note that your desktop is being shared will disappear.

    Once we have disconnected we will NO LONGER be able to re-connect without you generating and providing another code.

    Once we have disconnected we will NO LONGER be able to see your screen or access your computer.

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