Why does an account for my email address already exist on fanatical.com?


    BundleStars.com became Fanatical.com on 1st November 2017.

    At that time, all accounts on BundleStars.com were transferred to Fanatical.com - all orders and associated keys (hidden or revealed) were similarly transferred unchanged.

    If, as shown below, you're told an account already exists for your email address when you attempt to SignUp at fanatical.com this is probably because you had an account on BundleStars.com!



    Just click the "Log in" tab and enter your password to access your old account and any associated orders:



    If you can't remember your old account's password, just click the "Reset Password" link, complete the form and click the "Reset Password" button:


    Then wait for and click the link emailed to you to reset your password.

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