How do I activate my new purchase and download my game?


    Our website will have sold you one a product in one of the following formats:

    • A Steam Key
    • A Uplay key
    • A Uplay Online Activation
    • A Rockstar key

    How do I know what type of key I've bought! Help me find out what it is!

    From your order page where you revealed your key ( you will see each product has an icon, these are: 

    Steam.png  This is a Steam key, 
     Click for Help with a Steam Key 

     This UBI Soft key must be used with Uplay, this can be either a key or an online activation.

    If you see 'Reveal Key' and product key then you will need to manually enter this key into Uplay:  Click for more help with a Uplay key

    If you see 'Activate on Uplay' then this product will automatically apply to your uPlay account when you click the button, you will need to log in to uPlay when prompted:  Click for more help with a Uplay keyless activation


    This Rockstar key must be redeemed in the Rockstar Social Club
    Click for Help with a Rockstar product


    If your key doesn't have one of these icons
    Click for help with our other key types



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