How do I use my new keys!


    Since our website sell a many different types of game key, 

    • Steam Keys
    • Uplay keys
    • Rockstar keys

    plus other keys from time to time, we have instructions relating to each type of key.

    How do I know what type of key I've bought! Help me find out what it is!

    From your order page where you revealed your key ( you will see each product has an icon, these are: 

    Steam.png  This is a Steam key, 
     Click for Help with a Steam Key 

     This UBI Soft key must be used with Uplay
     Click for more help with a Uplay key


    This Rockstar key must be redeemed in the Rockstar Social Club
    Click for Help with a Rockstar key


    If your key doesn't have one of these icons
    Click for help with our other key types



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