How do I use keys for other DRM platforms?


    This page contains redemption information on the following keys:

    CyberLink keys

    This article is for the following products:

    • Photodirector 8 Deluxe
    • MakeupDirector2
    • ColorDirector 5 LE
    • PowerDirector 14 LE
    • Screen Recorder 1
    • AudioDirector 7 LE
    • ActionDirector 2
    • MediaEspresso 7.5
    • YouCam 7 deluxe
    • PowerDirector 15 ultra Udemy Course
    • Wedding Pack (Used by PowerDirector)
    • Holiday Pack 7 (Used by PowerDirector)
    • Travel Pack 5 (Used by PowerDirector)
    • Action Pack (Used by ActionDirector & PowerDirector)

    Keys for these products are redeemed as follows, they will NOT activate on Steam.

    1. Visit
    2. Enter your email address and click the "Submit" button:
      You will be sent an email which includes links to allow you to revisit this process.
    3. You will be advanced to a download page from which you can download the installers for the tier you have purchased:
      • Some packages are only available after you have entered the appropriate key received in your order and click the green "Confirm" button.
      • Click the appropriate orange "Download" button to download the package or access the Udemy course.
        For Udemy courses, use the key you received in your order as a voucher on to receive the Udemy course for free.
    4. For applications, use the downloaded installer to install each application or package onto your Windows PC.
    5. When prompted, enter the key you received from in your order to unlock the software:
      Note: Activations for each product are limited

    IMPORTANT NOTES for Udemy courses

    1. Clicking the orange "Download" button will take you directly to the appropriate Udemy Course on
    2. Simply click "Add To Cart" to insert the product in your basket. Then click "Go To Cart".
    3. Now, copy and paste your Udemy key into the "Apply Coupon Code" box (below the Checkout button). Click "Apply".
    4. Click "Checkout" and complete the process.
    5. This will deliver you the Udemy Course. You will not be charged for this process.


    You can register CyberLink software any time. However, we strongly recommend that you register your software as soon as possible, so CyberLink can provide you with full support if you need it. The greatest benefit of registering a product is that you can retrieve your CyberLink key at any time. For example, if the key has been lost, or when needing to reinstall the software.

    To register CyberLink products:

    • Click "Start, All Programs, Your CyberLink software, On-line Registration"
    • Complete the form that is then displayed
    • Click "Register Now".

    Wedding, Travel, Holiday and Action Pack installation folder

    By default these packs install into the following folder:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\Templates\Creative Design Pack\Travel Pack 5

    Giants Software keys

    Keys for the following game(s):

    • Farming Simulator 17

    are redeemed on the 'Giants Software' website, they will NOT activate on Steam.

    To activate your key: 

    1. Visit
    2. Enter the product key which you purchased from our site into the box
    3. Click on DOWNLOAD
    4. The game will be downloaded to you.


    Keys for "Neverwinter" games are redeemed within the 'Arc Client' as described below:

    1. If you already have a Neverwinter account then log into your account.
    2. If you don't already have an account then download the Arc client and Neverwinter free of charge at
    3. Click the gear symbol at the top right of the Arc client.
    4. Click "Activate a Product" and enter the product key you received from us when you purchased the game.
    5. Launch the game. If you're a new player you'll need to complete the Tutorial first.
    6. Visit the Rewards Claim Agent in Protector's Enclave to claim your rewards. 
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