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    Is this website a Scam? I can't believe the prices!!

    No, this website is definitely not a Scam.

    We have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, many of which want to tell us how good we are.  Read our reviews here

    How should I gift keys to someone else?

    You can gift qualifying orders directly from checkout or your order history.

    For more information, see the article below:

    How do I change my Fanatical account email address or password?

    When logged into your account choose 'Your Account, Your Profile'

    From here choose choose 'Change Email' or 'Change Password' depending on what you want to change.

    I haven't received my email confirmation email!

    Our system sends these immediately after creating an account so you will receive them after a few minutes. 

    If you still haven't receive them after this time and they aren't in your "spam" folder then you might have created an account using the wrong email address - check the email address by going to 'Your Account, Your Profile'.

    Order Status: "Manual Authorization"? - Why do I have them?

    If your order has been stopped for manual authorisation then you are either ordering too many in any 48 hour period or there the characteristics of your order mean that we need to manually review the order. 

    For a more detailed description of the process please read our manual authorisation help page

    I get the message 'Duplicate Key' when redeeming a key on Steam

    There are number of reasons why a key could show as 'duplicate' when redeeming it, for example:

    • The key hasn't been looked after and somebody has copied it and redeemed the key before you used it
    • The developer has withdrawn the game from Steam or otherwise cancelled very old and un-redeemed keys - though keys almost never have pre-defined expiry dates try to activate a game as soon as possible as the older a key gets the less likely we are to be able to rectify problems if they occur
    • Our system has incorrectly supplied you with a duplicate key.

    Please contact our support department to request assistance - include your order number and the game and key that you're having issues with. We will track the key and offer the best solution.

    Can I get a refund?

    This depends if the key has been revealed or not, or if the keys were purchased more than 14 days ago.   If the product you require a refund for is a bundle then all keys in the bundle must be un-revealed. If the product was a 'Mystery style' bundle then the game titles can't be revealed for a refund.

    Our refund page explains in more detail, click here to view it.

    Payment methods available

    We currently support all major credit cards, for example, Visa, Mastercard, JCB,  plus Paypal, plus in some regions we support Alipay too.

    For a full list view our payment options page

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