Spatial Sound Card - Known issues

    External Audio Devices
    External audio devices can be allocated in the Spatial Sound Card (SSC) via its Setting window in Output.

    Some drivers of external audio devices, like DAC’s (Digital Audio Converter), don’t run properly with the Spatial Sound Card because they are not strictly inside the OS audio device specifications. This is the case, for example, if an external device supports sampling rates over 48Khz which is not specified in MAC and Windows OS.

    The SSC can work well with such an external device, but first check that SCC is working correctly with the internal sound card, to prove that the SSC installation was successfully.

    One symptom of a not properly working audio device connection is disturbed, noisy audio. The solution can be to change the buffer size of the external audio device and the "Latency Target" setting in the SSC. Often these simply have to match, so that SSC and the external audio device driver work well together.

    If a message like "Spatial Sound Card has stopped working" appears, setting the external audio device to 24bit / 48Khz can help.

    Not Latin letter language settings of the operating system
    Possible Message "SSC driver cannot connected to audio device" or "We could not connect to Spatial Sound Card driver" or SSC fails to launch.

    SCC uses industry standard procedures to name its sound device and recognize external audio devices.

    When using some Windows languages, for example Russian or Chinese, the SSC playback device is not recognized by the system. In such case the name of the SSC playback device/speaker needs to be renamed:

    1. Select Control Panel, Hardware and Sounds, Sounds
    2. Select the "Playback" tab
    3. Select the "Spatial Sound Card" entry and click "Properties"
    4. Change the "Spatial Sound Card" name to, for example, "SCC" and click "OK" repeatedly to close all dialogs

    Sometimes the SSC won't recognize a driver from an external audio device if the external device's driver is named using non-Latin letters. In that case please try to change the name of the driver:

    1. Select Control Panel, Hardware and Sounds, Sounds
    2. Select the "Playback" tab
    3. Select the external audio device and click "Properties"
    4. Change the name to use only latin characters and click "OK" repeatedly to close all dialogs

     If issues still occur, please try to reinstall SSC as follows:

    1. Open Steam on your computer and go to Library
    2. Do a right mouse click on the Spatial Sound Card in the list
    3. Choose in the context menu 'Uninstall...'
    4. Delete the folder "C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Spatial Sound Card" or "%APPDATA%\Spatial Sound Card"
    5. Restart your computer
    6. Reinstall SSC

    More information and suggestions

    More information and suggestions can be found via the Steam discussion group.

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