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    Google reCAPTCH

    Our website uses Google's "I'm not a robot" reCAPTCHA on the "SIGN IN", "REGISTER" and "Reset Password" forms to help to secure accounts.


    When you click the "I'm not a robot" check box Google reCAPTCHA is invoked.

    If it has no concerns your form will be considered immediately.

    If Google has concerns that you might not be a person, Google's reCAPTCHA will be displayed. 

    If reCAPTCHA appears you must complete the picture puzzle successfully to continue.

    If nothing happens when you click the "Log in" or "Reset Password" buttons then this may be because connections to Google are blocked.  This might also not work if you have extensions, add-ons (such as noscript) or ad/popup blockers installed and active in your web browser.

    If you repeatedly don't complete "I'm not a robot", enter a wrong password or otherwise don't login successfully will start to impose delays of increasing length.

    If you continue to see the CAPTCHA challenge, please consider checking your IP address reputation in an IP Address Inspector. In case your IP appears in bad host lists the best course of action is for you to contact your service provider to ask to assign you a new reputable IP.

    If the problem persists after you've considered the above suggestions, try in another web browser:

    Other issues

    • KeePass and the KeeFox Firefox add-in
      If you are using the Firefox browser with KeePass and the KeeFox Firefox add-in, don't use the KeeFox add-in to auto-complete the email address and password as the data entered isn't seen by the page so the "Login" button remains unavailable as though you hadn't entered this data.
    • Microsoft Edge reporting "error - quotaexceedederror"
      Please try again in another web browser (see links above)
    • "Google missing data" reported
      If you see the following, check your browser privacy related extensions and add-ons (such as "Private Internet Access" Chrome extension) aren't blocking data that is required to allow successful sign-in to - you may need to define exceptions for
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