"Failed to create order" error reported when click "Proceed to checkout"


    This can happen when a coupon code is associated with your cart (look for a discount value, as highlighted pink in the following screenshot) that has either expired or isn't valid for all items in your cart.

    If you've applied a coupon code and see that some of the items in your cart are flagged as not available with the discount coupon, click the "X" icon (highlighted red in the above screenshot) to remove those ineligible items before clicking "Proceed to checkout" again - you'll need to purchase the ineligible it separately in a second order.

    Otherwise, try clicking the "Apply" button while the "Discount Code" box is empty (highlighted green above) to remove the old coupon and then click the "Proceed to checkout" button again.

    If the problem persists, try in another web browser (or an Incognito/InPrivate browser session) and if you still have a problem then please contact us

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